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Who is the runner in a twin flame?

I had no idea that I was running. I did not know that it was a Twin Flame experience either. Everything just happened so fast.

When we initially met, we knew that there was a strange bond between us within the first 48 hours. We were both naive about the Twin Flame phenomenon. I felt frustrated because I did not understand the strange occurrences after separation.

During the one month, we lived together, I took our connection lightly. I was married then. I thought I was crushing on my Twin Flame — I assumed it would fade whenever he went back to his home country. I knew that we did not have a chance to be together.

After one week of physical separation, I felt more chaotic emotions than before. I could not stop thinking of him even though I tried many distractions. I felt an energetic pull toward him. I felt intense heart palpitations — I felt double heartbeats — I could feel his energy constantly merging with mine.

I lost my taste for food. I went into manic depression. Life was meaningless without his presence. Out of all this frustration and confusion, I wrote to my Twin Flame. I felt immense stress — I blamed him for triggering the chaos in my life. I asked him to stay away from me. I thought that if we stopped talking to each other, I would feel better.

The situation only became dire. We both ended up not speaking. I blocked him on all social media. I deleted his contacts. I hurt him during the process of running.

I went into an intense Spiritual Awakening phase. The night of the soul was the most challenging of all. I lost weight; my friends thought that I was ill. They could not understand what I was going through. My Twin Flame was not talking to me after I blocked him. I felt alone.

When I researched the nature of my experiences, I learned about the Twin Flame Awakening process. All the symptoms could only be explained by the Twin Flame Phenomenon.

I, later on, accepted the nature of my experiences. I Surrendered to the connection.

I eventually opened myself up to healing. And I am happy to say that my Twin Flame forgave me for hurting him. We have been slowly mending our friendship. I hope to see him sooner than later.

Stay Blessed!

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