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Why am I being more positive about each twin flame separation in dealing with it in a more positive manner?

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Well, this is the ultimate feeling for every twin flame to aspire to. That positive energetic vibration. Feeling negative about the twin flame situation takes as much energy as feeling positive. There is no downside to feeling positive. You only rise higher if you choose to feel optimistic and hopeful as you progress further.

Every twin flame must know that there is nothing good that comes out of a negative attitude. You have to choose right from the beginning of your journey to either embrace every aspect in a positive manner or dig yourself deeper into negativity and doubts.

The main reason why you feel positive about separation is that the journey has taught you how to trust the divine. You trust your connection and the truth of your intuition. You also understand that there is no aspect of your journey that you can control but yourself. You have also learned by this stage that separation from a twin flame is an illusion. You don’t feel separated at all — you feel his or her essence with you all the time. Their essence is always merging with yours.

I hope that my perspective helps you with answering your question.

Stay Blessed!

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