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Why are twin flame runners vulnerable and open at the beginning, then act like it’s no big deal later down the line, after the initial bubble phase? 

I know what you mean: From my running experiences, the runner goes through a phase of aftershock. He or she does not believe what just happened to them as if your love connection puts them in a high or a daze.

He or she does not believe that they could be that vulnerable. You feel exposed to your divine lover.

A Twin Flame walks into your heart and breaks down all your walls. If you were not used to feeling vulnerable .org feeling loved unconditionally, you completely shit down.

Life as you know it changes dramatically overnight. You go through a series of emotional cleansing.

Even though you are not a Spiritual person, you go through an accelerated Awakening.

You transform from the inside to the outside — your soul growth ripples into your life situation.

You manifest abundance and success because you’re shared energy is empowering. You are energized to pursue your wildest dreams.

Twin Flame Love is beautiful!

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