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Why did a little fight between me and my twin flame cause separation, and could this fight lead to years of separation? 

You must be freaking out right now! To be honest, if you ask me why I am not on speaking terms with my Twin Flame, none of us has a good reason why.

He would probably tell you it is because I made him feel uncomfortable when I told him that I love him. He knows it. I know it. We all know it but he made a huge deal out of it like he always does. He bounces back when he learns a few lessons.

If you ask me why we don’t talk, it is because we met when I was married to his friend and I asked him not to choose sides because he was stuck in a very uncomfortable situation.

He walked into my life when I was going through a personal crisis. Apart from an estranged marriage, I started questioning the meaning of my life.

I needed some sort of Spiritual healing — I felt disconnected from my inner child and hence felt disconnected from the world around me.

I blocked him first after I expressed my feelings for him. I felt relieved because I knew that at least he knows how I feel.

I feel like life is bringing us back together like the beginning of our encounter — everything is real and manifesting so fast!

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