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Why do I keep seeing signs, names, and repeated numbers that remind me of my Twin Flame?

Of course, you are going to see these numbers and your Twin Flame’s name and everything that reminds you of them but it depends on what kind of emotions and feelings that you have when you attach meanings to these coincidences.

From my experience, don’t let the synchronicities tell you what to believe or what to feel, but instead, attach your meanings to them that relate to your Twin Flame experience — for example, if you see 11:11, you can attach a positive meaning to it relating to your Twin Flame and so that every time you see 11:11, you feel good and motivated to keep doing the great work on your journey.

For me when I see 11:11, I send love, and gratitude to my Twin Flame instead of spending all my energy trying to figure out what the Universe is saying to me through 11:11.

Lastly, I always remember the specific moments when my Twin Flame expressed his genuine love towards me; for example, my Twin Flame and I both acknowledge the intense feelings that we both feel when we look into each other’s eyes. Therefore, when I am feeling doubtful, I remember moments when he looked into my eyes and affirmed something to me like, when he was saying goodbye to me, we both locked our gazes until he disappeared into the distance. I never forgot this memory.

I remember his reactions to my presence every time I walked into the room where he was, I remember the first time we held hands and he did not want to let go yet I was married, I remember our first hug when he embraced me — and I remember his respect for me and how much he trusts me.

Soothe yourself with all these good memories with your Twin Flame, and wear them like an amour every time self-doubt kicks in.

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