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Why do Twin Flames Run?

The Twin Flame love triggers all the pain within you so that you can have it all cleansed. It takes a lot of soul-growth work and emotional purging to feel healed within yourself.

The Twin Flame connection is also a Spiritual process that starts from within yourself. It happens differently for every Twin Flame pair. There is no road map to it. You have free will to accept what you are experiencing. You can also put up an inner resistance to your feelings as the runner.

Since every aspect of the Twin Flame connection is new and unique to every Twin Flame pair, doubt kicks in when one’s expectations don’t match with the flow of their Twin Flame process. 

There is no aspect of the Twin Flame process that is in your control.

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You are the living proof that Twin Flames exist — if you are a True Twin Flame, you know by now that it all begins from within yourself because you can’t just wish to be in a Twin Flame.

Trumping your self-doubt is part of the workings of the Twin Flame process. Self-doubt is rooted in self-fear and insecurity. 

The Twin Flame process will work within you whether you accept it or not. You will start to believe its workings when you learn to open your heart fully to the experience.

Once you overcome your self-fears, your transformation is a sign of the workings of the Twin Flame process.

 You eventually re-discover your authentic self; you learn to love yourself.

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