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Why does the hunter want to run and turn the runner after so much bruising, fighting, and crossing limits when the “game” turns, then why do you prefer to run?

If you look closely, the situation usually asks for the running behavior — even though it angers and frustrates you, your Twin Flame’s love for you does not change. I have learned that if I did not encounter the obstacles that I have overcome during my Twin Flame Journey, I would never have gone through the accelerated changes and growth. Keep in mind, that I was the runner.

Your Twin Flame is a reflection of you in so many ways and no matter how much anger they bring to you, you know that deep down you have so much pain to overcome, or else, you wouldn’t be triggered to feel stressed about their actions.No matter what your Twin Flame is NOT doing, love should not hurt but heal you instead. You should not feel frustrated for loving someone; Twin Flame love must inspire you to find inner healing, happiness, and self-rediscovery.

Every time I chased my Twin Flame, I was frustrated because I could not control the compulsive behavior and I craved to find an inner balance to love him yet leave him alone. You have to know that your Twin Flame is not going anywhere and even though you are having an estranged relationship, you are both haunted by the intense feelings of unconditional love for each other.

The frustration that you feel is not because your Twin Flame is not treating you right but rather, it is because you have not yet developed an emotional muscle to accept that what you feel comes from within you and not by their actions.

Your Twin Flame can do whatever they please and you can also do you! Either way, they feel you as much as you feel them and they also have no justification for their behavior the same way you are confused by yours.

Focus on figuring out yourself and the rest will fall in place because you are the centerpiece of your Twin Flame experiences; you are the steering wheel. Your Twin Flame’s behavior says so much about you!
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