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Why does the runner Twin Flame return?

Nobody ever tells you about this part of the story. It is frustrating. It is very confusing and annoying at the same time when the runner returns.

You go through the dangerous phases of missing the love of your life; you accept and acknowledge that may it is not meant to be.

You try to move on; maybe you start dating other people.

When your runner returns, you are bound to be confused. You don’t expect it. You also don’t wish it.

All the time you spend wishing to see them; you wonder if they forgot about you.

When the runner returns, you get a rush of confusing emotions like this:

Why do you come back now? If the first question that you ask.

Since you did not expect their return, you feel frustrated because your Twin Flame brings chaos.

If you have unhealed wounds, you run from your Twin Flame because they are your mirror. They trigger you to feel sensitive, vulnerable, and uncomfortable.
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