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Why does the runner Twin Flame run?

The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

The truth is that we are all going to die. Life is fragile and unpredictable. Your chaser can get exhausted from waiting. Put your fears and insecurities aside and follow your heart. Authentic Signs of Encountering a Twin Flame The runner tries to keep their cool but they burst out in phases of anger and frustration. He or she can make random contact with their Twin Flame chaser partner because it becomes too much to bear to conceal their love. 11:11: The Ultimate Twin Flame Guide For NewbiesRunners are so afraid of absorbing unconditional love that it drives them to do extreme things to conceal how they feel. Some runners end up in meaningless relationships. Sometimes they get into quick marriages to escape confronting the intense feelings. Are you asking any of these questions about the Twin Flame Chaser?

No matter how far and fast the runner goes, the leash to the source of the Twin Flame love pulls you back to the convergence point with their Twin Flame partner. For me, I got to a point where I have been able to submit to this Twin Flame love. I had to accept my feelings and their intensity. I accept both the highs and lows of feeling this Twin Flame connection which eased my process. Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else? Now that I went through healing, I have no fear or insecurities to hide behind. My soul feels open to my Twin Flame as it did at the beginning of our encounter without resistance.

I know that everything is pointing me towards my Twin Flame and can’t control it. I have happiness and excitement that my dreams are coming true.
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