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Why does your twin flame runner feel that he needs to move on? He also let me go forever and said goodbye for good.

If I got a dollar for every time I have said goodbye to my Twin Flame and blocked them out of my life, I would be so rich.
There is this one time I wrote to him about something sensitive and I opened my heart up to him and he was unresponsive — I fired him another stressed out message saying that he should stop following me on Instagram because I had already blocked him.
I wrote another final text saying the final goodbye to him that it was the end of us.
It took me two months to stay away from him, and one day he liked one of my Instagram posts which made me realize that he was still following me even when I had asked him not to.
Once I saw his like, I immediately tried to unblock him. I tried to text him to say thanks for acknowledging that I saw his like.

Suddenly, all the love that I was resisting to feel broke open, and my heart was back to gushing love for him.
It is difficult moving on from a Twin Flame.
If progress on the twin flame journey is through inner work, signs, and synchronicities, how does the “unawakened” twin contribute toward union or ascension? If the runner twin needs inner work, how do they become aware of it if not “awakened”?
Well, this is how you cannot fake being a Twin Flame. Being aware of the Twin Flame phenomenon and what it entails is not being awake.
Knowing about the Twin Flame experience does not mean you are authentically a Twin Flame and having your Twin Flame distance themselves from you, or even try to block you out of their lives does not make them a runner or unaware of the connection.
The Twin Flame journey is indeed about inner work — but it is a natural transformation that you can accelerate or slow down by accepting to do the energetic work needed or resist it by denying to face yourself.
Also, the Twin Flame experience is not one-sided. This is why it is called a connection. If you feel like you are the only one doing the heavy lifting, then that might not be your Twin Flame after all.
I am saying this because no matter how estranged communication with your Twin Flame becomes, you both go through the spiritual awakening process, you both transform, and you both go through changes in your lives that you never expected to be possible.
Just because you are not actively watching your Twin Flame to see their progress physically, it does not mean that you know the truth of the awakening.

It is much easier to focus on the end of the connection — Be responsible for your end of the bargain and trust that you will both come out of the experience ready to take on the world together.
There is no aspect of the Twin Flame experience that you can control but you are in charge of yourself. You are the one responsible for your energetic work.
You will indeed feel your shared energy with your Twin Flame improve, and you will feel the energetic balance within. Sometimes the great work that you do on your end will inspire your Twin Flame to improve on their inner work.
There is no distinction between you and your Twin Flame energetically. You s

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