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Why is it easy for Twin Flames to recognize each other?

Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy for non-spirituals

When you meet a Twin Flame, it is at a point in your life when you need a fresh perspective on your life situation. You feel exhausted from your daily routines. You crave changes in your life. You feel lost and alone even though you are surrounded by many people.

The time a Twin Flame finds you, it is a moment in your life when you feel disconnected from everyone around you. You feel weary and exhausted from chasing meaningless relationships. You get to a place within yourself when you crave a deeper connection. You realised that even though you date many people, there is someone special made for you.

When you meet your Twin Flame, you do not realize that your search is over until you look into his or her eyes. You feel drawn to your Twin Flame. You wonder how you know them in a past life. You relax within when you acknowledge each other. You feel blessed to finally find what your soul was searching for. You know that you would do anything to be with your Twin Flame. Here is what you do when your Twin Flame is married to someone else.

You want to take care of him or her. You want to protect them. You feel happy when you see a Twin Flame smile. Feeling connected to a Twin Flame feels like you are connected to the source of happiness. You feel peaceful. You feel energized and empowered to explore yourself. When you find each other, you realize why previous relationships that you have had before did not work out. You understand why you never felt content with your previous relationships.

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